Saturday, June 1, 2013

Is Low Amniotic Fluid The New 'Big Baby'?

I'm reading an article on the science of induction due to 'low amniotic fluid levels' because at my prenatal visit yesterday they said I was measuring small and I ended up with a second ultrasound for them to measure my fluid level. The lady that did it seemed a lot more inexperienced than who did it for my 37th week. First off, they were having trouble reading the chart. (Very professional.)
So after coming in, not being able to read the chart, leaving to talk to the sonographer (who also had problems reading the chart... that she wrote up), coming back, it was decided that I was measuring low and I was told that I would be induced.

Wait, what?

What they told me was that because I started prenatals so late in my pregnancy that they didn't know exactly  what they were dealing with and it would be best to just go ahead and do it.
An induction; that would put me at imminent risk for a Cesarean.
I was told to take it easy and scheduled for another ultrasound Monday and if my fluid levels weren't any better I would probably be induced that day.
Can I call bullshit?
Have we forgotten that amniotic fluid starts to naturally decrease starting between weeks 36 to 38?
Let me just quote the site real quick "There is no evidence that isolated Oligohydramnios at term is a risk factor for poor outcomes."
Saying that the above is true, why put me and my baby at unnecessary risk due to an undermined factor?
Now I could understand if when they had measured me at 37 weeks and I was low why there might be cause for concern but being so close to my due date now it's a little hard not to think there might be some other vested interest other than the well-being of my baby.
Let me just remind you that they only said I was measuring low and had not diagnosed me with Oligohydramnios! Oligohydramnios is when your levels are at a 4-5 or lower.
I could even understand if I had somehow acquired a leak in my amniotic sac, but this is just a little confusing. Maybe if there was a problem with baby's inability to move and thrive in the womb? That's not true though because I've noticed no decrease in activity.

It's really upsetting to me that they would take a young mother with an otherwise perfectly normal, healthy pregnancy and try to scare her into doing something that for one, it unethical in normal medical standards.

I would just like to say to all mothers, please don't take what your doctor says at face value.
Do your own research!
We spend so much more time looking into the new phone we want or computer, camera, car, etc.
But what about our own health?

If you want to read the article yourself the link is:

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