Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Is The Fear Of Money Preventing Us From Making Good Food Choices

"I can't afford to eat healthy."
One of the quotes that I hear repetitively in life.
Fact is, if food prices were to drastically soar tomorrow we'd be saying the same thing when in actuality, we would've been able to afford to make healthy choices all along.
What is the price of diet when compared to hospital bills or sick days?

After becoming pregnant, I took on a drastically different look of what I was putting into my body. I wasn't eating for myself anymore, I was "Eating for two."
Pesticides have been found in cord blood.

80% of blood from umbilical cords tested positive for these toxins.

Truth is that every day that we make a decision on what we feed our families now directly impacts the future of our children and so on.

And it's not just directly what we're eating, it's the company's that we are choosing to buy from. Do we make sure to check the policies of the companies we buy from? How they dispose of waste? The treatment of their animals?
More than likely, if you're an average American these things never even cross your mind.
We rely completely on these companies  to tell us if their food is safe for us or not. (As well as the FDA)
Companies with interests and billions of dollars to spend making sure that you are ignorant to what it is that they are doing.

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